At least 13 years in the shade for the brutal murder of his father

At least 13 years in the shadows for the brutal murder of his father


A Montrealer who was sentenced to life in prison after violently sticking his father to death over money in 2018, will have to serve 13 years before he hopes to be released.

“The murder of Roger Fleury was brutal. [He] died following violent blows mainly to the head and he was left lying on the ground while he was still alive,” lamented Judge Myriam Lachance in determining the sentence of Yanik Fleury, Tuesday, at the Joliette courthouse. 

The 49-year-old had been found guilty by a jury of the unpremeditated murder of his 71-year-old father Roger Fleury. With this verdict, he automatically received a life sentence.

In December 2018, the retiree was attacked by his son in the afternoon when he got out of his black Hyundai Azera, in his parking lot, in Charlemagne, in Lanaudière.

His inert and bloody body had been discovered on the ground near his car by a lady who was passing by. She immediately called 911.

The investigation had notably made it possible to find blood from the septuagenarian in Fleury's vehicle. City Hall surveillance cameras had also caught him smoking in his Dodge Caravan, parked less than 100 yards from his father's apartment, shortly before the murder. 

Roger Fleury

For Money 

According to the lawsuit, a matter of money was at the heart of the deadly conflict. 

“At the time of the murder, the accused had financial problems since his separation which led him to find various means in order to obtain money from his parents and his entourage”, underlined the magistrate in judgment.

Judge Lachance endorsed a joint sentencing suggestion proposed by Crown prosecutors, Me Geneviève Aumond and Me Marc-André Ledoux, and defense lawyers, Me Jonathan Boivin and Me Karam Mahrez. 

This suggestion deviated from the one made unanimously by the jury, which had instead proposed a 20-year period before Fleury would be eligible for parole. 

Yanik Fleury

Not sunk< /strong> 

The ungrateful son has a long list of antecedents, spanning from 1996 to 2005, mostly involving crimes against property. His most recent history dates back to 2015, in terms of narcotics.

“There is no proof that the gentleman is irrecoverable,” argued his lawyer Jonathan Boivin, pointing out that his client is on good terms with his family and is a father present for his children. /p>

The possibility of being able to apply for release after serving 13 years might even “give him hope” and motivate him to engage in a rehabilitation program, added the lawyer.  

– With Jonathan Tremblay < /em> 

Yanik Fleury has appealed his guilty verdict.


“A 13-year parole ineligibility period is not the most severe, but it is not nor unreasonable or contrary to the public interest. Ultimately, it will be up to the accused to prove […] that he no longer represents a danger to society and that his continued detention is no longer required.”

< p style="text-align:right;">– Myriam Lachance, judge who rendered the sentence

“Whether he was 13, 20 or 25 years old, it doesn't bother me. He's the one who has to live with [murder on conscience]. “

“He didn't confess why he did that, that's it who we miss. I would like to go see him inside to find out. »

– Roger Jr Fleury, son of the victim and brother of the 'accused

“The conditions of detention, currently more difficult with the question of COVID, have been taken into account. There are times when Mr. must be isolated and it continues. This leads to difficulties with showers, calls, etc. »

– Jonathan Boivin, lawyer for the murderer

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