At least 23 dead in strike in southern Ukraine

At least 23 killed in strike in southern Ukraine


Ukraine and Russian forces accused each other on Friday of a strike on a column of civilian cars on the border between the Ukrainian zone and the occupied zone of the Zaporizhia region in southern country, which left 23 people dead. 

In addition, the Russian occupying forces in the neighboring region of Kherson have indicated that a senior official of the regional power installed by Moscow was killed in a Ukrainian strike.

Partially under Russian control, Kherson and Zaporizhia in southern Ukraine are two of four regions Vladimir Putin's Russia will annex on Friday. 

“The enemy launched a rocket attack against a humanitarian convoy of civilians, people were queuing to go to the temporarily occupied area, to meet relatives, to receive assistance”, indicated on Telegram the Ukrainian regional governor, Oleksandre Staroukh. 

“There are 23 dead and 28 wounded, all civilians, locals, burn in hell cursed Russians”, he launched.

The strike took place near the city of Zaporizhia, not far from a crossing point between the part of the region controlled by the Ukrainians and that occupied by the Russian army.

A representative of the Russian occupation accused the Ukrainian forces of having fired on these vehicles to prevent these civilians from reaching the occupied area.

The Ukrainian forces “hit our people, who were waiting in line “, Accused on Telegram a regional occupation official, Vladimir Rogov, also reporting 23 dead.

Both sides disseminated photos of vehicles with blown windows and lifeless bodies.

In addition, an official of the Russian occupation administration in the neighboring region of Kherson was killed overnight from Thursday to Friday in a Ukrainian strike, local authorities said.

< p>Alexei Katerinitchev, first deputy to the head of the administration of the Kherson region, in charge of security, was killed “in a precise strike” carried out by the Ukrainian forces using two missiles launched by a system HIMARS on his home, said a cadre of the Russian occupation, Kirill Stremoussov, quoted by Russian news agency TASS.