At the age of 80 years died the star of the movie “Kill bill-2”

The famous American actor of Armenian descent Sid Haig has died at 80 years of age. He is remembered for his roles in the movie “Kill bill-2”, the drama “Jackie brown” and many other projects.

В возрасте 80 лет скончался звезда фильма "Убить Билла-2"

Information about the death of Sid Haig in his 81st year of life confirmed his wife by posting a relevant post in Instagram. She called the late actor his angel, noting that he has always been for her best friend, and it will not change even after his death. The cause of death of the artist his companion did not specify, but added that he truly loved not only their family but many fans, reports the portal “Word and Business”.

During his career in the film Sid Haig played in dozens of films, and his career begins since the first half of the 1950s. Among the last films the actor “Bone Tomahawk” in 2015 and “Three of hell” 2019.