At the airport Billy Bishop in Toronto on Saturday to hold drills (PHOTO)

В аэропорту Billy Bishop в Торонто в субботу проведут учебную тревогу (ФОТО)

At the airport Billy Bishop, located on Toronto island, tomorrow, Saturday, will hold the drills.

According to a press release, “simulation” will include the siren, and can be observed by security personnel, working in emergency situations.

“This is a full-scale training event commissioned by the Ministry of transport Canada for validation of protocols, procedures, communications and planning of airports in case of emergencies and / or incidents related to security,” – said in a press release.

Do the exercises begin at 9 o’clock in the evening on Saturday the 19th of October and last until midnight. Those who at the moment will be in the airport or passing by, can see the ambulances and other vehicles of employees of emergency situations, and various rescue services, including firefighters and police.

The people at the airport, you can hear sirens and simulated firefight.

The press release also stated that volunteers will be involved in multiple role situations as passengers or airport staff.

Flight schedule because of the teachings will not change.