At the airport of Kandahar killed an Afghan policeman who opened fire on the military (PHOTOS)

В аэропорту Кандагара убит афганский полицейский, открывший стрельбу по военным (ФОТО)

Afghan police opened fire on a foreign military at the airport of Kandahar city, after which he was killed in a shootout. On Monday said channel Ariana with reference to the representative of the security forces.

According to available information, the police were indiscriminately shooting, reports TASS.

The news Agency Pajhwok, the representative of the American forces in Afghanistan confirmed that Kandahar airport was an attempted armed attack on a foreign military. According to an American officer, “but this attempt was unsuccessful, the gunman killed.”

About possible casualties among foreign troops are not reported. Immediately after the incident, the airport of Kandahar was closed.

Most major armed incident occurred in the Kandahar airport in 2015. Then a suicide bomber blew himself up near the hotel, located near the airport. Then his accomplices broke into the school building in the territory of the airport complex, which began to fire.

The victims of the terrorists were 50 people: defending the airport security forces, but also women and children. Dozens of people were injured.

Note that in the airport of Kandahar is a large airbase. There are NATO forces.