At the exhibition of helicopters in China showed the military manned ‘flying saucer’ to reach speeds up to 650 km/h (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

На выставке вертолетов в Китае показали боевую пилотируемую 'летающую тарелку', развивающую скорость до 650 км/ч (ФОТО) (ФОТО)

In China, at the international exhibition China Helicopter Exposition 2019, which is the largest in China event dedicated to the helicopter industry, showcase the latest military development of disc-shaped aircraft resembling a flying saucer.

In the exhibition, which is held in the city of Tianjin (northeast China) from 10 to 13 October, with the support of the Chinese government, this year attended by 450 companies from more than 20 countries, which represent more than 100 exhibits and samples of helicopters. But the latest development of discrete called Super Great White Shark (Super great white shark) has caused the hot interest among the participants, and among visitors.

As reported by the American edition of the Drive, the diameter of the main rotor of the aircraft, designed for vertically lifting, up to approximately five meters. According to the published specifications, in the saucer fits two pilots. Will discole capable of speeds up to 650 kilometers per hour, aided by the unusual shape of the device. Thrust provides two jet engines on the sides of discrete placed two inlet and outlet openings. Takeoff and landing are performed in the vertical mode.
Individual opportunities discolite are compared with the existing models of military helicopters. It can be equipped with 20-mm automatic cannon, as well as high-precision bombs and missiles class “air-ground” rockets class “air-air”.

However, since this is only a concept, the experts say that he may never become a reality. To the Chinese are already many creators of disc-shaped aircraft have faced insurmountable difficulties.

The first known attempt to create a disc-shaped flying machine in 1911, an American engineer taken Tens of wot to build the Umbrella Plane plane. Any reliable information about him has not survived.

In 1939, the German designer Heinrich Focke patented a flying machine in the shape of a saucer: it can perform a vertical takeoff.

In the 40’s in USA was developed round dogproblems aircraft Vought V-173 and Vought XF5U. They could rise into the air, but was inconvenient to manage, and eventually refused them.

In the second half of the 50-ies of the last century he published a book “Secret weapons of the third Reich” by major Rudolf Luzar, containing drawings of several disc-shaped aircraft, including the photo “drive Bellona”, Disc Shriver – Habermas that alleged in the first test flight reached an altitude of over 12 km and a velocity of 2 thousand km/h.

In the late 1950’s – early 1960-ies, the US army experimented with new types of aircraft with vertical takeoff. Among the most notable of these was the Avro Canada VZ-9 Avrocar, which used three centrally mounted jet engine for blowing air through the vent holes around the circular edge to create lift using the “Coanda effect”.

In the Soviet Union in the 1980s developed EKIP – multifunction beaurocracy aircraft, built under the scheme “flying wing” and having a disc-shaped fuselage. The height of the flight Team could reach ten kilometers, cruising speed is 610 miles per hour. The machine can fly in the mode of the wig, near the surface of earth or water.

At the beginning of 2019 Romanian engineers have demonstrated an unmanned aerial vehicle ADIFO (All-DIrectional Flying Object), which can move even upside down and perform maneuvers almost on the spot. At low speed plate similar to the quadrocopter, and when it accelerates to the helicopter. Instead of using a motor in the apparatus used jet engines to high power.