At the last moment: rapper Kanye West was registered by the candidate in US presidents

Rap artist Kanye West has registered as a candidate for U.S. President in the election Commission of Oklahoma. This is evidenced by the data published on the website of the local electoral Commission, writes

В последний момент: рэпер Канье Уэст зарегистрировался кандидатом в президенты США

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July 15 was the deadline for the submission of the necessary documents for registration of an independent candidate in Oklahoma. West have time to file required documents and pay the filing fee in the amount of 35 thousand dollars. According to information on the website of the electoral Commission, the rapper indicated that he will represent BDY party (Birthday Party, what can be translated as “the birthday Party” and “party on the occasion of birthday”).

Thus, at least in Oklahoma, the name of the artist will appear on the ballot. According to the Associated Press, in this state, independent candidates also registered a pianist jade Simmons and businessman Brock pierce.

At the same time, there is still no clarity whether the West really participate in the presidential race. Wednesday, July 15, the Internet portal of the Intelligencer, which is a Supplement to the magazine “new York”, claimed that the rapper has already abandoned plans to run for the presidency. And online TMZ last week announced that the statement of the rapper’s readiness to compete in the elections was caused by the aggravation of bipolar disorder, which he suffered for several years.

Citing a source close to Kanye, TMZ reported that exacerbations happen to him once a year, and a statement of intent to participate in the presidential race coincided with one of them.

“His family and friends concerned about the statements of Kanye, but I believe that the situation stabiliziruemost, as it was in the past,” the article says.

Bipolar disorder, formerly called manic depression, is a mental health condition that causes extreme mood swings from mania to depression. Episodes of mood swings can occur infrequently or several times a year.

Tweet with the announcement of the intention to run the rapper was published on 4 July — independence Day USA. In a few hours he received hundreds of thousands of retweets and likes, in support of the candidacy of rapper made including businessman Elon Musk. West’s wife Kim Kardashian responded with a tweet with a picture of the American flag.

The rapper talked about his desire to run for President in 2015 on the MTV Video Music Awards. And in 2016 in an interview with BBC radio, Kanye once again reminded about his political ambitions, saying that he intends to run in 2020, although he had no clear idea about politics, but there are principles towards people and the truth.

“If there’s anything I can do for your country, I’ll do it,” said West.

Previously, the rapper has repeatedly met with U.S. President Donald trump expressed his support, posing in a red baseball cap with the inscription “let’s Make America great again”.

Then they all took it as a joke, but after the victory trump fans of the rapper began to perceive his statements — and the hashtag #kanye2020 for some time even took the lead on Twitter. Users have noted that if trump became President, then Kanye can.

“In 2004, Kanye saved hip-hop, in 2020 will save America,” wrote one user.

In may 2018, the rapper said that the enslavement of blacks, which lasted in North America for several centuries, can be viewed as a personal choice slaves.

“We are mentally in jail. I like the word “prison”, because slavery is too directly relates to the idea of blacks. As the Holocaust is to the Jews, slavery is black people”, — he said.

In response to this African-American employee to TMZ, the air which was made by the rapper, said that his saying it exposes the absence of thought in his words, blacks have to deal with the selection and marginalization caused by 400 years of slavery.



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