At the monument Ronaldo has a DoppelgangeR in Russia “has Created a CD and began churning out”

У памятника Роналду появился двойник в России: «Создали болванку и начали штамповать»

Meanwhile in Russia, another “achievement” this time in the sphere of art and architecture.

Another photo of the masterpiece in the field of sculpture published on his Twitter page, the so-called journalist of the “Kremlin pool” Dmitry Smirnov.

Usually the only news about the “achievements” of Vladimir Putin, but this time he decided to depart from the familiar schemes and try something new.

So, in his blog, he posted two photos which shows quite similar monuments, which differ only in that they are differently dressed.

“Monuments Dmitry Hvorostovsky and Cristiano Ronaldo Honored sculptor of Russia Vladimir Usov something not telling us” the author writes in the post.

Subscribers could not leave this masterpiece and decided to comment on the ingenious solution of a sculptor.

Users report that now is a “one disc” at all times, and then it is adjusted to the needs of the customer: “So the disc was created, form corrected and forward”

Someone compared the author of these sculptures with great “sculptor of all Russia”: “Remember, we’ve been a sculptor all Russia, Tsereteli? A new name appeared? Curious….”

The others are surprised at the appearance of this monument and asked: “And, that Ronaldo was dead?”

Some of the users decided that the sculptures described exactly how “mental state” of their heroes: “Yes, and so everything is clear. The audacity of narcissistic emotions. And that and the other….”

And of course, where do without irony in the comments: “Great! Versatile genius!”