At the parade in honor of the 70th anniversary of China in Beijing showed the missiles and drones a new type (PHOTOS)

На параде в честь 70-летия КНР в Пекине  показали ракеты и беспилотники нового типа (ФОТО)

The largest in the history of China military parade held in Beijing to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the PRC. It was attended by 15 thousand soldiers of the people’s liberation army (PLA), 60 combat aircraft, and nearly 600 pieces of equipment. .Shown samples of modern military equipment, reports “Interfax”.

In particular, at the parade for the first time demonstrated a ballistic missile medium-range “DF-17” (DF-17). This missile is capable of speeds five times the speed of sound, the experts said. This speed and the fact that it uses a warhead with blocks of individual targeting, technology allowing to hit multiple targets when you launch a rocket, make it difficult to track and intercept the missile, the Agency said.

Also on parade you could see an Intercontinental ballistic missile “Dongfeng-41” (DF-41). This missile is capable of reaching the United States in 30 minutes, and still the Chinese military didn’t show it in parades.

In addition, the parade showed a ballistic missile for submarines “Cuilan-2” (JL-2). It is believed that these missiles are of Chinese nuclear submarines of a class “Jin”, the Agency said. These missiles China also demonstrates for the first time, the Agency said.

Another debut at the parade were the supersonic cruise missiles CJ-100. It’s long-range missiles with high accuracy, according to Chinese media. These missiles are expected to replace cruise missiles, ground launched CJ-10. Spectators were also able to see a new missile Dongfeng-31. It’s a solid propellant missile with high precision, according to Chinese media.

The number of warheads in the Chinese nuclear Arsenal is estimated at nearly 300. It is estimated that around 180-190 will be designed for land-based missiles, while others can be launched from ships or submarines, and aircraft. The United States have over 6,100 nuclear warheads.

Another novelty of the parade was the drone “Sharp sword”, which, as experts believe, is able to attack military bases and radar bases.

“The movement of China towards the construction of socialism cannot be stopped,” – said before the parade in Tiananmen square, XI Jinping. “There is no power that can undermine the Foundation of this great country. No force can keep the Chinese nation from moving forward,” he said.

The participants of the large-scale demonstrations in Beijing released into the sky 70 thousand pigeons. At this moment in the capital of China began with a Grand fireworks display.

Meanwhile, in many parts of Hong Kong have been anti-government protests, timed to the day of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC.