“At the peak and worse with a shovel”: a double platinum ticket for Sam Breton

“At the peak and the worst at a shovel”: a double platinum ticket for Sam Breton


Sam Breton was surprised on Tuesday evening when he thought he was taking part in a break-in evening with his comedian friends David Beaucage and Katherine Levac. We took the opportunity to present him with a double platinum ticket certifying the sale of 200,000 tickets for his first solo show, “Au pic pis à shovel”. 

L he interviewer of TVA's popular program Chanteurs Masques was obviously delighted on the stage of the Cabaret du Lion d'Or in Montreal, where he received, under a shower of confetti, an ADISQ plaque for his 200,000 Tickets sold out.

Many admirers of Sam Breton were secretly invited to this special evening.

Sam Breton the wind in the sails. In 2021 he won the Olivier of the year and, the previous year, his show “Au pic pis à shovel” won the Félix for show of the year – humor.

Additional ones have been added, so his tour continues with more than a hundred dates still on his agenda. And other performances are also to be announced. Information is available online [sambreton.com].