At the-small: problems with urination which are dangerous to ignore

How many trips to the toilet is considered normal. When it’s time to sound the alarm and to run to the doctor?

По-маленькому: проблемы с мочеиспусканием, которые опасно игнорировать

Just say that the average number of trips to the toilet per day for each person individually. Norm is the emptying of the bladder is from four to ten times a day. But if this number is dramatically decreased or increased, it is necessary to look for reasons.

Urination became less frequent.

Perhaps you are dehydrated due to insufficient water consumption or poor absorption due to diarrhoea. Another cause can be kidney, including urolithiasis. As a rule, it may be accompanied by edema. If none of the above reasons is not confirmed, go through the diagnosis of cancer.

More frequent urination.

May be called as pathological and non-pathological causes. If you are pregnant or late menstrual cycle, drink medication with diuretics or diuretic drinks, if you have increased physical activity or you get hypothermic, but urine has not changed color or smell and the process is not accompanied by unpleasant sensations – this is normal. To beat anxiety is not necessary.

The alarm signal.

Noticed that the urine is changed, the process of urination causes burning or pain. It may be infectious inflammatory diseases: cystitis, urethritis, and pyelonephritis, and urolithiasis. There are other possible causes. Some disorders of the endocrine system, and gynecological problems are also accompanied by frequent urination. Men should suspect pathology of the prostate.

If you notice changes in your normal rhythm of emptying the bladder and do not find clear and non-hazardous to health reasons, consult a specialist.