At the top of the CN Tower and an abandoned subway station will appear stationary bikes (PHOTOS)

На самом верху CN Tower и на заброшенной станции метро появятся велотренажеры (ФОТО)

Ever wanted to burn eaten ham on the bike a thousand feet above Toronto? Or under the ground, or an abandoned subway station? This month you will be able to realize their fantasies together with the network beloglasov SPINCO, which celebrated its fifth anniversary.

October 23, for $50 you can attend a fitness class with bikes on the top of the CN Tower in the morning. Or you can do it in an abandoned subway station, Lower Bay.

All will be 8 classes in the CN Tower they will be held in the morning from 6 to 11, and evening classes will be at the station Lower Bay from 4 PM to 8 PM.

Both locations – rather odd for the location of the bicycles, but if you suddenly want to combine sport with donations to charity (they will go Right to Play), it’s definitely your choice.

To enroll in classes will be on October 7, with the hour of the day.