At the zoo in the Zaporozhye region wolfhound fun posing for the photographer

В зоопарке в Запорожской области волкодав забавно позировал для фотографа

The zoo had a shooting with the live mascot of the Irish guards — a wolfhound.

On the Youtube channel of a Private rehabilitation center for wild animals “HomeZoo” in Vasylivka has a new funny video. The zoo came photographer-animalist Anna Kukotina, and held for Irish wolfhounds photo shoot.

The process of shooting was very interesting, but sometimes difficult. To attract the attention of death, were required to publish some sounds and to resort to shrewdness. All this in order to eventually get a gorgeous frame with the animal.

Wolfhound, in turn, also tried to pose for the camera, even though it does not always work. And the photographer had to find the right approach to pet. The Irish wolfhound is cool to strangers, but if they are friends of the family, then seeing the location of the owners, the dog will treat them with friendliness.