At TTC there will be no more advertising wapow (PHOTO)

У TTC больше не будет рекламы вейпов (ФОТО)

TTC passengers will no longer see advertising wapow – it will not be in the subway or on the bus or otherwise Transport the Commission adopted the decision on a ban of such advertising on their property.

According to the TTC Board member Brad Bradford, all vaipulya marketing is aimed at the youth – they even offer tastes of chewing gum and desserts. So this is not something that the TTC wants to maintain.

About this step, announced just a few weeks after Ontario announced a ban on the promotion of vaping products in convenience stores and gas stations from Jan. In addition, the recently increased anxiety about the dangers of vaping for health – in the US there were more than 1,600 cases of poor health due to vaping, and it was 34 death related vaami.

Samuel Tam, President of the Association of vaping Canada, said that despite the fact that on the day using the TTC moves about 1.7 million people, and the loss of such an advertising platform – a powerful blow, for it is not critical. TEM alleges that the step of banning such advertising is very correct, given that about 10% of TTC passengers under 19 years of age, the more that vaping among young people is Ontario becoming more popular. In 2017-2018 Canadians aged 16-19 years who use vaping, it was 74%.

TEM also added that their main message remains: “If you are a smoker, do not drink vaping”.