At Union Station went on duty specially trained dog (PHOTO)

На Union Station заступил на дежурство специально обученный пес (ФОТО)

This Thursday morning at Union Station for the first time was carried out police patrols using dogs to identify suspicious objects and potential threats of explosion. Dash, 2-year-old Labrador, recently passed all the tests, started his patrol at 7:30 in the morning. Such service dogs undergo 12 weeks of training where they are taught to identify by smell dangerous materials such as bombs and other threats.

Service dog at Union Station appeared in 2013, but only now they will be on duty around the clock. Dash and the other two dogs will also be listed in the state Metrolinx, although they have been training police Toronto.

This will increase the speed of response in case of detection of suspicious objects, as Metrolinx won’t have to call the cops every time. The canine unit will be based at Union Station, but can be directed to any station GO.

Although they are friendly and cute, Metrolinx asks passengers not to pet dogs on duty because it distracts them and they should be focused on the task at hand.

Dogs can learn at the collar, which is yellow in capital letters “do NOT IRON”. They will be accompanied by officer transport security.

According to information provided by Metrolinx, dash lives in the home of a TSA officer Brent Hoffman. Thus trust is established between a dog and a security officer, which contributes to reliable performance.

Part of learning is that the house dash and Brenton try to spend time extremely boring and monotonous to give then during a patrol.

Dash and Hoffman will now meet at Union Station at any time, so don’t forget to keep at a respectful distance, despite how it looks friendly Labrador.

The training of the dogs lasted a few months, and it approached very seriously, to ensure the success of this undertaking. Dash was chosen partly due to the fact that he calmly tolerate being in loud and crowded places and does not experience this stress.