At what place Ukraine in the world ranking minimum wage

Since the beginning of the year the minimum wage in Ukraine increased by 13.2% to $ 157. As a result, in the world ranking of growth of the minimum wage Ukraine took 15th place out of 54 countries.

На каком месте Украина в мировом рейтинге минимальных зарплат

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According to the rating, in Belarus, the increase amounted to 13.6 per cent ($ 156), Poland — 14.9 percent ($ 485), in Russia — 7.5% ($ 166), and in Germany 1.9 percent ($ 1358).

Thus in 2020, the largest increase of the minimal wage was recorded in Nigeria (64.8 per cent). Although in terms of US dollars the level of guaranteed minimum wage remains one of the lowest in the world (74 $).

In addition, in some countries, particularly in the USA, Spain, South Africa and Latvia, the minimum wage has not changed since 2019.

It is noted that the study compared the most recent data on minimum wage data for January 2019. The authors did not take into account countries in which wages are determined by unions and which has no nationwide minimum wage. For countries where the government sets a differentiated minimum wage for individual administrative units (Canada, Vietnam, Thailand), the authors calculated and used arithmetic mean.

As previously reported, the minimum wage in Ukraine in dollar/Euro equivalent exceeded “minimal” in Russia and Belarus.

From 1 January 2020, the living wage is UAH 2102, and the minimum wage rose to 4723 UAH per month.

The amount of arrears of wages in Ukraine in 2019 increased by 21.8% as of 1 December 2019 amounted to 3,221 billion.