Atelier perfected Lumma Design BMW X7

Ателье Lumma Design усовершенствовало BMW X7

Lumma Design has unveiled an aggressive widebody kit that is being developed for the latest BMW X7.

The package is named CLR X7 consists of upgraded front bumper, which is much more aggressive than any factory X7. In addition, Lumma has also obscured the controversial grille that helps her blend in with the rest of the design and not stand out chrome trim.

Moving from the front of the body, not to mention the extended arches front and rear wheels, which were 50 mm wider on each side. This gives CLR X7 is an impressive new way and helps to place 24×10-inch wheels in front and 24×13-inch rear, shod in tires 295 mm and 355 mm, respectively. The latter have the same width as the rear tyres of the Bugatti Chiron.

Tuning company has also worked with the back of a luxury SUV and custom-developed exhaust system, added a small spoiler on the roof and repeat on the back door, and equipped with the X7 bold rear diffuser. Lumma claims that two spoilers actually work, helping to reduce lift over the rear axle.

As for the interior, it can be customized according to the taste of the owner, and the company claims that it can satisfy any request from “the elegant VIP cabin” to “cabin with the atmosphere of Motorsport”.