“Atletico” with the help of VAR sensationally defeated Barcelona in the semi-final of the Spanish super Cup (video)

"Атлетико" при помощи VAR сенсационно победило "Барселону" в полуфинале Суперкубка Испании (видео)


In the Arabian Jeddah at the stadium “King Abdullah sports city” took place the second semifinal match of the Spanish super Cup in which the champion of last year, Barcelona met the bronze prize-winner – Atletico Madrid.

In the first half, the Catalans were in possession of a clear advantage, but “plans” survived.

And on 19-th second of the second half they scored – it did played only 19 seconds into the match, the team captain Koke, who came on as a second half substitute – 0:1.

After the goal Barca have included all available at the speed and defense, atlético began to crumble like sand dunes in the Arabian desert during dust storms.

Four times within 20 minutes “blaugranas” we scored goals, half of which was canceled, VAR – 2:1.

This factor (disallowed goals) inspired the wards Diego Simeone, and they bravely went ahead. Mostly they did it in the center, where “Barcelona” “the wind whistled”.

It is for the centre “Atletiko” has organized in the last 10 minutes two productive attacks, which brought real Madrid to the final of the tournament – 2:3.

January 12 in the Grand final of the super Cup awaits us is not “El Classico” and “simple” Madrid Derby.

Essentially, the winner of the tournament may be a club, which is irrelevant to the super bowl is not the champion and not the Cup. This is the new reality of football in Spain.