Attack on a checkpoint in the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian assailant killed: authorities

Attack on a checkpoint in the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian assailant killed (authority ;s)


The Israeli military killed a Palestinian man who seriously injured a soldier in a vehicular attack in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday, the day after Israel's parliamentary elections, officials said.&nbsp ;

In a brief statement, the army said an assailant arrived in his vehicle at the Maccabim checkpoint in the western West Bank near the Israeli town of Modiin, and had “run over a soldier”.

“The assailant got out of his vehicle to attack the officer with an ax, who fired at the assailant and neutralized him,” said indicated the army, without further details on his condition. “The officer was seriously injured and was taken to hospital,” she added.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said it had been informed by the Palestinian Authority of the cases civilians of the death “by Israeli bullets” of Habas Rayan, 54.

This incident comes against a backdrop of renewed violence in the occupied West Bank and the day after legislative elections in Israel, at the end of which the former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's “right-wing bloc” and his allies from religious and far-right parties came out on top, according to initial results.

In the wake of attacks In the spring, the Israeli army carried out more than 2,000 raids in the West Bank, territory occupied since 1967 by Israel, particularly in the areas of Jenin and Nablus.

These Israeli raids, and the clashes which are sometimes associated with it, left more than 120 dead on the Palestinian side, the heaviest toll in seven years.