Attacks on Saudi oil facilities made Iranian weapons and not from Yemen (PHOTO)

The attack on the oil facilities of Saudi Arabia is committed with the help of drones of Iranian origin. And the attack is carried out not with Yemen. This statement was made on Monday in Riyadh, the official representative of the Kingdom led by the coalition of the Arabian Colonel Turki al-Maliki, reports TASS.

“There is evidence that the attack on the oil facilities made not from Yemen, as the Houthis, and the attack on Aramco weapons – Iran”, – he said at a press conference, which was broadcast on the TV channel “al-Hadas”. According to al-Maliki, the investigation of the attack continues, soon will be published the official results, including “pictures of weapons”.

Meanwhile in Russia I advise you not to jump to conclusions. Permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia urged not to jump to conclusions about who is behind the attacks on enterprises of the Saudi national oil company, Saudi Aramco. He stated this on Monday at a meeting of the UN Security Council on the situation in Yemen.

“We recommend not to jump to conclusions about who carried out this attack, he said. Is destabilizie the already tense situation in Yemen and throughout the region.”

On the night of 14 September, presumably 10 drones attacked enterprises of the Saudi national oil company Saudi Aramco in the East of the country. Was attacked the world’s largest refinery near the city of Hail, where many Western experts, as well as refineries in the area Juris, which is the second largest oil field in the Kingdom. After the attacks on them broke out a large fire. Responsibility for the attack took the rebels from Yemeni movement “Ansar Allah” (Houthis). They promised to continue attacks on a much larger scale, while Saudi Arabia will not stop military action in Yemen.

Riyadh acknowledged that “the explosions resulted in the termination of the supply of crude oil in the amount of 5.7 million barrels, which corresponds to about 50% of the production of the company.” According to some, the reconstruction of damaged infrastructure will take weeks.

In this regard, the oil quotes on Monday morning reached their highest levels since April-may of this year. The maximum increase in oil prices on world markets was recorded at around 19%. This is a record jump in oil prices over the entire history of observations. November futures for Brent crude oil rose to 71,62 dollars per barrel in the first minutes of trading.

U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo was accused of involvement in the attacks, the Iranian authorities. According to him, “there is no evidence that the attack was made from Yemen”. The Iranian foreign Ministry called the accusations groundless Pompeo.