Attractive uma Thurman in evening dress with a deep neckline

49-year-old actress Uma Thurman was the guest of the gala evening of the Monte-Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean, 2019 in Monaco.

Эффектный выход Умы Турман в вечернем платье с глубоким декольте

In the event of the Mind arrived in a beautiful evening dress with a plunging neckline with a wide suede belt at the waist. Concise outfit actress was complemented by luxurious diamond bracelet, the neck Minds were shining precious necklace and earrings.

Hair Thurman put curls on one side, make-up with glittering eye shadow on the eyelids and a soft pink gloss was applied to the lips. The image of the Minds was very beautiful, but not one she shone in this secular reception in such a beautiful Luka.

Collected from the auction, which takes place in the framework of this gala evening, of the funds in the rescue Fund, the World ocean from pollution. Also at the event celebrating the contributions of famous people in the struggle for the environment.