Australian police are looking for the Russian on suspicion in the murder of a major developer and the attack on his son (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

Полиция Австралии разыскивает россиянина по подозрению в убийстве крупного девелопера и нападении на его сына (ФОТО) (ФОТО)

The Australian police conducts search of the Russian Vladimir Kondakov, a suspect in the murder of the businessman, who worked in the construction industry. This was reported by broadcasting Corporation ABC.

According to her, the 49-year-old citizen of Russia on 6 November, was stabbed 76-year-old man at a construction site in Sydney. He also wounded his son, who was taken to hospital. Currently the young man is stable.

The police called work. They heard cries for help, and then found albert lying and Anthony Metllica. According to media reports, initially Kondakov attacked a senior representative of the family, and Anthony ran to his aid. When Anthony turned to call people, then I got hit in the back: the family believes that man was saved only that the knife blade broke.

Police have published a picture of Kondakova. Among take they noted the major figure, the growth of 180 centimeters and a distinctive Russian accent. He is wearing a yellow shirt, blue work pants and brown shoes. He was last seen in Rochdale – about six kilometers from the scene of the murder.

According to investigators, Kondakov know Meligeni, he worked for them a year ago. It is not excluded that the conflict stems from his further employment: we know that men “don’t have an exact address” . At the last Thursday press conference, police said that it was an unprovoked attack, and called for Kondakova to give up.

As writes The Sydney Morning Herald, police have threatened “serious consequences” to those who harbour a Russian or knows where he is, but not reported to the authorities. It is known that he had got into the field of view of the police, but the police assured that the occasion was not very serious. At the same time, Australians were advised not to approach Kondakov, because now it can be dangerous.

Albert Metlej moved to Australia from Lebanon. He earned his fortune through lucrative government contracts for the construction of military property and the personnel of the defence forces. The company Melija was considered a key player in the property market of Sydney.