Australian stand-up comedian Hannah Gatsby will arrive with a performance in Toronto (PHOTO)

Австралийская стендап-комик Ханна Гэтсби приедет с выступлением в Торонто (ФОТО)

Hannah Gatsby, stand-up comedian from Australia who became famous worldwide after his show on Netflix called Nanette (it was very successful during the year). And now very soon the star will visit Toronto for the first time.

Hannah will perform at Roy Thompson Hall on February 29.

For Nanette Hanna received an Emmy, and a Peabody. In the show, she blends Comedy with a very real observation of how marginalized people often are the highest line in most part of Comedy today.

It is known that before Netflix, she was going to retire. However, the writer is a lesbian with autism, as Gatsby calls herself, I love Comedy people, and its success will probably not subside in the near future.

Her new stand-up show, which she will bring to Toronto, named after the dog. And this view will be based on the “haters”, many of whom came out of nowhere after the success of Nanette.

Friday November 1, tickets will sell.