Australian woman found in the yard puppy is a rare Alpine Dingo

Австралийка нашла во дворе щенка редчайшего альпийского динго

A resident of Australia found near his home the puppy, who was the baby of the rarest subspecies of the wild Dingo. Accurately determine its breed was only after DNA analysis, reports The Washington Post.

An unusual incident occurred in Victoria. The woman, whose name is not called, picked up in your own backyard plaintively squeaking puppy red color. She decided that he had lost their masters, and posted his picture on social networks.

Users have noticed that the dog looks kinda weird, and advised to consult a veterinarian.

The woman followed this advice. On the body of the puppy during the inspection noticed a few scratches, as the claws of birds of prey – perhaps they were trying to carry the loot to the nest, but on the way I dropped it.

DNA analysis, which took several weeks, showed that the Australian found not a house dog, a purebred Alpine Dingo.

The animal was called Vandy. He was transferred to the kennel of the Australian Dingo Foundation. The staff noted that the puppy can enter the program for the breeding of dingoes in danger of extinction.

Populations of these predators suffer not only from poaching and habitat but also from crosses with other species. In most flocks of 50-80% Dingo native genes of domestic dogs. Therefore, each purebred animal is important for the conservation of the species.