Austria refused to make a case about offshore ‘Troika Dialog’ (PHOTO)

Австрия отказалась заводить дело об офшорах 'Тройки Диалог' (ФОТО)

Austrian law enforcement authorities did not initiate proceedings based on the investigation of journalists of the Project of investigation of corruption and organized crime (OCCRP) on offshore network of investment company “Troika Dialog” Ruben Vardanyan. This is stated in the reply of Prosecutor’s office for investigation of economic crimes and corruption to a request to RBC.

OCCRP has released an investigation on the activities of the “Troika Dialogue” in March of this year. Counterparties “Troika” outside of Russia they are called, Deutsche Bank, Raiffeisen Bank and Citigroup. Shortly after the publication of the founder of Hermitage Capital, bill Browder sent a complaint to the Austrian Prosecutor’s office demanding to check the local credit institution, which, as he pointed out, ignored the suspicious payments from dummy and allowed the “criminals from Russia” to withdraw funds from the country.

“I can confirm that our office received a report on this issue, and it has been studied. As sufficient grounds for suspicion have arisen, no formal investigations were conducted,” – said the representative of the Austrian Prosecutor’s office.

An internal investigation after the publication of OCCRP and complaints Hermitage had to Raiffeisen. “We conducted our own internal investigation into these allegations and once again convinced in the durability of our anti-money laundering systems”, – said the representative of the Bank. The representative of Hermitage Capital said that 16 other countries have begun investigations about the same money-laundering, but Austria refused to do so for unknown reasons.

According to OCCRP, “Troika Dialog” participated in the scheme, which was “laundered” about nine billion dollars. Through this scheme, which journalists called “Troika Laundry”, persons associated with organized crime, tax evasion and to conceal their foreign assets. Among the other investigators mentioned, and cellist Sergei Roldugin, who is called “Putin’s purse”.

OCCRP experts claim that “three Dialogue” in the middle of 2000-ies has created a network of more than 75 offshore companies. Their ongoing transactions were mostly false: the money was transferred for the supply of non-existent goods and services. These funds used to buy property in the UK, Spain, Montenegro, as well as luxury yachts and artwork. In addition, the money paid for education of children of corrupt officials in the educational institutions of the West, and donated to the Church.

It was also reported that one of the offshore companies “Troika Dialogue” transferred money to the charitable Foundation Prince of Wales Charles. The former main shareholder of one of the once largest Russian private investment Bank “Troika Dialog” Ruben Vardanyan called the fiction in the investigation of offshore accounts and laundering billions of dollars, saying that experts OCCRP “mixed round and green”.