Authorities have increased the number of floating litter boxes in lake Ontario (PHOTO)

Власти увеличили число плавающих ящиков для мусора в озере Онтарио (ФОТО)

If you have visited the world’s favorite waterfront Toronto in the last two months, you may have noticed something special in the water (in addition to the usual mountain of horrendous garbage): three floating garbage can that represents the recent attempt of the authorities of the harbour to cope with the problem of littering lake Ontario.

This morning, the Toronto port authority has implemented the second phase of its pilot program Seabin (Sea trash), in which the first flight went two container, borrowed from a similar Australian project Seabin.

The containers were created by two surfers who are tired to look at how polluted the ocean ecosystem. Their technology uses a float moving up and down and pump to filter the water coming from the surface in the bag-a trap that is periodically replaced.

The containers can be used to collect large debris and micro-plastic, and even is able to remove oil pollution.

Containers used in the framework of the project, collect up to 1.4 metric tons of garbage a year, and a similar initiative is the first of its kind in North America, and it showed a great interest those who are looking for innovative solutions to the problems of pollution of the lake.

The Director General of the port authority of Toronto Geoffrey Wilson said in a press release that the use of containers is only one step in the process of cleaning the waterfront of the city; the rest depends on the residents of Toronto.