Authority Portland every 15 minutes to fine the Federal government $500

The city official said that the feds already have $192 000 Monday, July 27, writes Fox News.

Власти Портленда каждые 15 минут штрафуют федеральное правительство на $500

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Portland, Oregon, decided to fine the Federal government $500 for every 15 minutes of saving unauthorized barricades in front of the Federal courthouse. The building is subjected to night attacks on protesters.

City Commissioner Chloe Judali said Tuesday, July 28, protection covers street outside the courthouse. As of Monday, July 27, according to her, the Federal government was due to Portland $192 000.

“We intend to raise money, said Adali. — I intend to do everything in my power to put an end to Federal occupation and to move forward in how our community is struggling with racial injustice and our efforts to transform the approach to policing and public safety”.

Last week, the Portland Bureau of transportation, which is responsible Ugali, sent a letter demanding that the Federal government has removed the fence installed on Wednesday, July 22, and, apparently, acting as a barrier between Federal agents and protesters.

In his statement Adali said that the city received no response to the letter.

“We assess the maximum penalty of $500 for every 15 minutes that the fence covers our street, and we will explore other means available to us, legal protection. As a rule, we send a repair crew or contractor to eliminate such an obstacle, but I’m not going to instruct workers on the path of evil, she said. — I am afraid to entrust employees to perform their work and to use our laws against the Federal government.”

Власти Портленда каждые 15 минут штрафуют федеральное правительство на $500


Udali also suggested that the Federal government tends to overreact to “several” aggressive demonstrators.

“Each of you has a constitutional right to freedom of expression and peaceful Assembly, she said. — The actions of the few should not deny those rights, and the law enforcement response should be proportionate to the violations. The use of tear gas, and similar measures of influence on thousands of peaceful demonstrators is not a proportionate response.”

Judali was a prominent part of the chorus of critics of Federal agents Portland politicians. She accused the administration of tramp in “violation of constitutional rights of portlanda in an attempt to use Portland as a testing ground for fascism,” and “in planning the invasion in cities across the country, the political objectives of the President.”




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