Autopsy of the election campaign: the conservatives are licking their wounds

Election campaign autopsy: Conservatives lick their wounds


After a tumultuous week, the Conservatives are gathered in a hotel in Drummondville to perform the autopsy of the last election campaign, at the end of which they did not elect any MP.&nbsp ;

“Today is an important post-mortem, it is an important, crucial step, the day after the election. Many are very happy because the party has nevertheless experienced phenomenal growth. Never has a party experienced such significant growth in our lifetime (…)”, said Éric Duhaime before entering the room.  

On the other hand, there are people disappointed, and I am one, because we were not elected. We have to see what worked well: what made us have this growth and that it was not translated in terms of seats, ”added the Conservative leader. < /p>

Throughout the afternoon, several dozen candidates will share their feelings about the situation in which the party finds itself today. today, as well as their thoughts on the direction he should take for the future.

The work of the candidates, the technological tools used, the electoral platform, communications and advertising are among the major themes that will be addressed during the discussions, indicated Éric Duhaime's press attaché, Cédric Lapointe.

The defeated candidate in La Peltrie, Stéphane Lachance, expressed that “a lot of things” went wrong according to him in the Conservative campaign in Quebec, without however specifying what he meant by that.

“There were high expectations, and there is a little bit of disappointment,” said party president and defeated candidate in Jean-Lesage, Denise Peters, laconically. 

The party's candidate in Portneuf, Jacinthe-Eve Arel, said she was satisfied with the party's national campaign and the leader's presence in her riding. 

Overall, the Conservatives were rather stingy with comments. “We come to participate in the activity with positivism,” said the defeated candidate in Chutes-de-la-Chaudière, Mario Fortier.

Party vice-president Mark Busan said he “doesn't know all the details” of the conflicts brewing within the PCQ. “It's like a judge and a lawyer, I like to hear both sides before deciding”, he remarked. 

“People who speak in the newspapers, they are not always people who are for the interest of the party. I think that those who are there for the interest of the party and who are there for the next four years will not go to the newspapers to solve these problems, “said the defeated PCQ candidate in Vanier-Les Rivières, Donald Gagnon.

Several people, candidates and members of the executive, simply refused to answer our questions.

Each candidate had received a form from the left to make their comments ahead of the meeting, said the party's press secretary. Nearly 90 of them would have transmitted their answers.

Before the “post-mortem”, a small cell was gathered in the hotel restaurant to prepare for the meeting.