Autumn extends to Mont Saint-Sauveur

Autumn extends to Mont Saint-Sauveur


While the ski resort chairlifts that were in operation for the color period are no longer in service, Sommet Saint-Sauveur remains open with its alpine roller coaster and double zip line, in addition to its mini golf and from its F.U.N. park 

We also have the pleasure of walking to the top and admiring the view. Not too steep and accessible to families, the La Plagne track is the most suitable for climbing.   

Le Viking 

To my knowledge, Sommet Saint-Sauveur is the only place in Quebec with alpine roller coasters. Riding the Viking ride, as it is known, is not a leisurely ride, contrary to what I thought before trying it. 

It really is fast. Estimated top speed: 35 km/h. The bends in the forest give a good dose of adrenaline and literally stick us to the seat of our sled. 

At first, you may tend to apply the brakes with the side levers to slow down because you think it's going too fast. Thereafter, we take a liking to the exhilaration of speed and the brakes are especially useful if a sled is ahead of us. A slightly crazy experience to live in tandem. 

Le Dragon

The zip line with double seat, Le Dragon.

Another mountain pleasure: Le Dragon, a zip line with double seats. A particularity: the climb is done backwards, the panorama towards the village of Saint-Sauveur and the neighboring mountains gradually emerging before our eyes.  

Once at the top, the seat is released and then slides at high speed along a steel cable for a distance of 230 m to the foot of the mountain. It's mind-blowing, as they say.  

Other attractions

The panorama at the top of the mountain.

A mini golf allows us to practice our putting strokes without taking ourselves too seriously. The 18-hole course of varying difficulty nonetheless puts our skills to the test. 

Less intimidating than the rides at La Ronde, those at Parc F.U.N are still varied. La Ruche, where many of us sit together in giant rotating cups, really appeals to children. 


  • Access on foot: $6
  • Dogs: allowed on a leash except at F.U.N. and inside
  • Package for 6 rides at F.U.N. and two attractions (Viking, Dragon or minigolf), including access to the mountain: $30 for ages 13 and up, $24 for ages 3 to 12
  • Open weekends until October 30


A whole maze! 

In Rawdon, at Ferme Guy Rivest, discover the Grand Labyrinthe de Lanaudière, made up of 8 km of paths in a cornfield and filled with puzzles. Picnic tables and play areas available.

Nice to see!&nbsp ;

This is the name of a rehabilitation center for birds of prey in Montérégie. During the Halloween weekend, healers will make them fly before our eyes. Children are encouraged to dress up. Crafts and candy.

Alain Demers is the author of the book < em>Rediscovering Quebec: 101 destinations, published by Éditions du Journal.