Autumn: what to do when severe weather changes

Sudden weather changes can affect health. The doctors gave some useful tips.

Осень: что делать при резкой смене погоды

According to doctors, any change of climate makes people weak vessels, a reaction of the body. In some, this period is relatively calm, and the other is manifested quite clearly in the vascular reactions.

In the first two days the cold snap should be careful about the walking on the street, and physical activity. It is important to get some warm clothes and dress for the weather, and not to expose the exposed parts of the body to cold wind.

Sudden weather changes can affect the human immune system. If the storm caught you by surprise and you’re still very cold, need to warm up. It is advisable to drink hot herbal tea with honey, ginger, lemon.

At home, keep warm under a warm shower, make a foot bath. Legs generally it is very important to keep warm especially in autumn, when the weather is unstable.

It is undesirable to drink alcoholic beverages “for warmth”. Alcohol warms only in the first minutes when blood vessels dilate. And then man will be even colder.

People, sensitive to any weather changes, it is necessary to monitor blood pressure and pulse, say doctors.

Meteodependent people – is often sick, suffering from diseases of the circulatory system, often working long hours, constantly protoplasmina. To the climate can be attributed to people with diseases of the brain and legs, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, Allergy sufferers and patients with neurasthenia.