Autumn wines

Autumn Wines


With the days getting shorter, the trees bursting with color and the colder weather setting in, fall is the time of year to change your eating habits .

We quietly abandon light wines to turn to structured wines with more tannins and, often, higher alcohol levels. This “change” is mainly influenced by the way autumn meals are shaped. You start cooking stews and braised meats, especially if you have a hunter in your family or in your circle of friends. Ratatouille invites itself to the table while the cheeses at the end of the meal open the door to the return of fortified wines such as port or banyuls. Here are five seasonal wines to enjoy.

Drink less. Drink better. 

Tasca, Regaleali 2021, Sicilia

★★1⁄2 | $1⁄2 | $15.75 | Italy 12% | 3 g/L

SAQ code: 715086 

In the “I'm rediscovering my classics” wine department, this Sicilian white will warm your heart in no time. It will also tantalize your senses with its heterogeneous blend dominated by insolia – an indigenous grape variety formerly intended for the production of marsala – and composed of grecanico, catarratto (two other grape varieties typical of the largest island in the Mediterranean) and a little of chardonnay. A very dry, lively wine with a nose of iodine, lemon and white flowers. Nice bitterness on the finish which enhances the flavors. It will go wonderfully well with oysters or seafood. And it is sold at a low price. 

Rings, Sauvignon Blanc 2021, Pfalz

★★★ | $$1⁄2 | $26.35 | Germany 12% | 5.5 g/L – Organic

SAQ code: 14949111 

If you are looking to wow the gallery with a “UFO” Sauvignon, this is your chance! It comes from Pfalz in Germany, a region best known for Riesling. It is also organic, natural and corked with a screw cap. Result: we first guess a sparkling in the mouth. It brings extra vitality to the wine. And it stabilizes after a good aeration. Immediately enticing nose where Sauvignon reveals its exotic side with notes of kiwis, peach, mint and iodine. Do not rely on the sugar level either, the acidity contributes to the necessary balance. The wine thus leaves an impression of richness, but everything seems dry. Great with goat cheese. 

Ortas, Tradition 2019, Rasteau

★★1⁄2 | $$ | $17.50 | France 14% | 1.6 g/L

SAQ code: 113407 

Another wine that is in the SAQ classics section and deserves to be revisited. Produced by the cooperative cellar of Rasteau, this Grenache-based red complemented by Syrah and Mourvèdre surprises with the consistency of its quality. An intense nose of garrigue, cherry, olive, thyme and bay leaf. It is juicy with soft tannins and good definition. Authentic and ending on a significant length, it can accompany good old shepherd's pie as well as a burger or a ratatouille. 

Quinta de la Rosa, Passagem Reserva 2019, Douro

< p>★★★★ | $$$ | $31.00 | Portugal 14% | 3.5 g/L

SAQ code: 12185698 

Nice surprise and a homecoming for this very pretty Douro wine. Fairly woody in previous vintages, this 2019 displays a bright fruitiness despite the 18 months of aging in French oak barrels. We are entitled here to a blend of equal parts of touriga franca and touriga nacional with about 15% of tinto cão which completes. It's devilishly charming with notes of black fruits, liquorice and roasting. A nourished fruity, almost rich, but content articulated around fine tannins. Surprisingly drinkable, it culminates in a finish that stretches for our greatest pleasure. It deserves four stars! 

Cabral, Tawny 10 Years Old, Porto

★★★ | $$$ | $29.70 | Portugal 20% | 120g/L

SAQ code: 10270741 

We're definitely sticking with the classics. This port, whose average age is ten years, is very pleasing. We love its carrying nose with tones of nuts, caramel, marmalade and roasting. The color began to take on coppery undertones. On the palate, the flavors are certainly sweet and enveloping, but carried by a frank acidity. Long velvety finish reminiscent of maple and a touch of smoke. Impeccable and one of the cheapest 10-year-old tawnys at the SAQ.

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