Avakov responded to questions about the lack of support of the Ukrainian business

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov commented on the claims of Ukrainian business to the authorities because of lack of support.

He told this in an interview TheBabel, reports analytical portal “Hvilya”.

Аваков ответил на вопросы об отсутствии поддержки украинского бизнеса

To the question about the impossibility for business to survive in conditions of total quarantine, the introduction of which was made by the Avakov, the Minister cited the experience of Italy, when, after reducing the spread COVID-19 and mortality, the indicators began to rise.

“Why? Because in Lombardy, Bergamo, Como, in the key provinces of the industrial enterprises at the time the quarantine is not closed. The people there often worked even without the protection it gave new wave. After this, the Italians decided to close all businesses” — explained his position the head of the interior Ministry.

Avakov explained that in case of emergency in the country, we Have to work of the enterprise critical infrastructure should work, and then the goal will be to ensure the safety of workers.

“Other companies are also not allowed to work, but state of emergency allows you to restrict some activities — provided by law. Then it all depends on how the situation will develop and whether society can afford to keep the business processes. Well the truth is, it is absurd to sell donuts to open a cafe or something in this spirit, when it’s pandemic. This is our price for the incorporation in the world”, — said Avakov.

On the issue of lack of business support in Ukraine, Avakov threw the responsibility on Parliament. So, if the deputies will vote for the special Fund, it will be possible to look at the experience of businesses in other countries.

“The speech about lowering credit rates, and the reduction in utility of pressure on private owners, and so forth — Mer lot. Partially about them I wrote, in part — of my colleagues. In the US, people and businesses trillions help in Europe — billions. Where are our billions? They are not, so no need to act like you live in an atmosphere of sweet communism”, — Avakov summed up.