AVS called chess a racist sport because of the rules of the “White goes first”

АВС назвала шахматы расистским видом спорта из-за правила "Белые ходят первыми"

Sydney radio station Australian broadcasting Corporation (ABC), as a result of the investigation, considered chess a racist game according to Eurosport after taking survey among the students who took chess courses during summer holidays.

The conclusion was based on the responses of players who asked the question: “is chess racist sport due to the fact that the white pieces go first?”.

This topic is discussed on Twitter, Russian opposition leader, 13th world chess champion Garry Kasparov and former Australian player John Adams.

In particular, the 57-year-old Kasparov was advised not to play chess and choose another occupation.

“If you’re worried about what the game of chess is racist – please, take th (logical Board game with deep strategic content, which occurred in Ancient China, approx. LB.ua) – there black moves first. Better to do that than to look foolish, wasting taxpayers ‘ money to “investigate”, – quotes the edition Kasparov.

Harry supported his predecessor on the throne chess – Anatoly Karpov.

“Started some kind of a complete period of insanity. Well, what does chess with a long glorious history?” – quotes the words of the 12th world champion championat.com.