Away from the border: the administration trump the beginning of the expulsion of illegal immigrants into Mexico

The administration of the President of the United States Donald trump is beginning to return illegal immigrants to Mexico in the expanding efforts to curb illegal immigration and deal with the ongoing crisis at the border. This writes Fox News.

Подальше от границы: администрация Трампа начала выдворение нелегалов вглубь Мексики

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The Department of homeland security (DHS) in December of 2019 began to fly from Tucson (Arizona) to Guadalajara (Mexico). Authorities claim that deporting illegal immigrants from neogranichennykh cities and States of Mexico. Send home those who have recently illegally entered the United States.

The plan marks a departure from past practice of releasing immigrants on the border. The idea was to make it difficult for criminals attempt to re-cross the border.

DHS reports that it plans to launch two flights a week from the end of January, and plans to return about 250 immigrants in a week.

“This is another example of how the administration trump is collaborating with the Mexican government to resolve the ongoing crisis in the field of border security”, — said the representative of DHS Heather swift.

According to the program “Stay in Mexico” immigrants are returning to Mexico while waiting for their hearings on immigration. The policy was expanded during the summer and was strengthened in the sectors of Tucson and Del Rio in recent months.

Regional cooperation has also led to the conclusion of agreements with Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. The agreement with Guatemala stipulates that migrants come to this country to get asylum there. Acting Secretary of DHS, Chad wolf said that to date 96 migrants were taken to Guatemala, but in the end only one person decided to seek asylum.

These agreements caused a sharp drop in the number of asylum-seekers at the border more than 70%. In December 2019, the police arrested on the border 40 of 620 people, that is the seventh month of decline after more than 144 000 detainees in may 2019.