Bab Sang: the best and the worst of immigration

Bab Sang: The Best and Worst of Immigration


The Korean restaurant Bab Sang, located on Maguire Street in Quebec City, will open its dining room again this week, thanks to the support of the community.

The owner had been forced to close after receiving threats for not offering services in French.

People before language

It is obvious that the French language is a priority in Quebec and that services must be provided in French. It's the law, it's a minimum.

It is also clear that the shortage of labor cannot be used as an excuse for not respecting linguistic obligations.

What is less obvious is how we react when faced with an immigrant who does not offer his services in French from day 1.

In the case of the Bab Sang, the he company received not only insults on social networks, but also telephone threats. Enough so that “Joe”, the owner, refuses to show his face in TV reports.

Is this really how we want to welcome a new entrepreneur in Quebec?

< p>The community at the rendezvous

As the extremes often end up counterbalancing each other, the story of the Bab Sang is also one of openness and mutual aid.

After two weeks, it was finally neighborhood entrepreneurs and volunteers who will help the Bab Sang to reopen its doors.

Even Mayor Marchand ended up softening his words to remind us that we must show the famous “benevolence”.

The story of “Joe” should make us think about how we want to welcome newcomers. 

When they immediately get to work to support their families, we want them to take more time to learn the language.

When they dedicate themselves to learning French, they are criticized for not working. 

Between people and language , we would have to decide.

Bab Sang: the best and the worst of the immigrant on