Baby survived fall from balcony

Baby survived fall from balcony


A 13-month-old baby and three other people were close to death after a balcony on the third floor of a multiplex in Laval collapsed on Saturday evening, an extremely rare event in Quebec reminiscent of the importance of the interview, says an expert.

“The scene is hard to describe. It’s wounded people looking for a baby, in shock,” says the resident who found the toddler under the rubble.

“He was caught under the debris, we couldn't really do [something], adds the one who refused to identify himself. I think that this little baby, in his bad luck, the luck he had was to be close to professionals who took him in hand quickly. »

The one who has lived in this block for about ten years noticed, around 5:30 p.m., the extent of the damage after hearing a major uproar caused by the fall of the structure.

The family of four who resides on the third floor was probably having a dinner with relatives at the time, and some people were inside the accommodation.

Emergency services were able to respond within minutes. A fire station is also located about 300 meters from the scene of the tragedy. All the victims, including the infant, are out of danger.

Total misunderstanding

The tenants of the building were struggling to understand how such an incident happened. could have happened, especially since they have only good words for the owner, who would do her best to maintain the building well.

She would have taken the road to Laval since Quebec after being informed. The Diarycouldn't talk to her.

“She's really into her business. Me, I had a hot water tank problem, I think it was changed the next day, says Éric Champagne, who had left his home in the minutes preceding the tragedy. It's a super stupid accident. »

The Laval resident is also worried about the affected family. “They are adorable, kind people, with incredible values,” adds Mr. Champagne.

Maintenance is the key to avoiding this kind of disaster, recalls Pascal Parent, inspector in building at Batimex. 

“I've been in the building business for a very long time and I've never seen this”, he summarizes.

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