Bachelor 9 with sweetheart reincarnated in the characters of the famous film

The main character of the 9th season of the Bachelor and his fiancee Dasha Kvitkova continue to “break records” — because a couple is still together and very happy. They live together, travel a lot, make plans for the future and happy to communicate with fans on social media, answering their questions.

Холостяк 9 с возлюбленной перевоплотились в героев известного фильма

So, the lovers admitted that the settling-in period they went far from smooth, but now they live in peace and harmony. She loves to share in the web bold, and sometimes outright photos and Nikita don’t mind, and sometimes removed together with the beloved.

So, a couple staged a bright and bold photo shoot tried on images from the famous movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, where the main characters were professional killers.

First Dobrynin and Kvitkova posing in flak jackets and sunglasses, and then showed a home scene, where he appeared in a white cozy clothes, but with pistols in their hands.

Холостяк 9 с возлюбленной перевоплотились в героев известного фильма

“Not always our everyday life resemble the TV series “Friends” or the movie “love actually”. Sometimes we as “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, you know? What would you call a film about your life?” — commented footage of an ex-Bachelor.

“And will they live happily ever after…if one day won’t kill each other”, — immediately said his fiancee.

Network users have delighted with this shooting and hurried to share their impressions in the comments.

  • You are made for each other, kindred spirits
  • Such passion between you
  • Gorgeous pictures
  • Cool
  • Duzhe passout TSI obrazy, let kno
  • Duzhe siomka I) VI so dopolnyat one one. Garn people Garn photo )))
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  • Fire, as always you are gorgeous
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  • Photo just the bomb!!!