Back pain: destroy prejudice, correctly treat

According to studies, back pain at least once in life were 87% of the people. It’s a shame that it arises in those moments when it is impossible to go to the hospital: before an important presentation, a submission of a report on a business trip, on the eve of the holiday.

Боль в спине: разрушаем предубеждения, лечим правильно

Despite extreme discomfort and limitations in motion in 90% of cases pain syndrome is muscle and is of a benign nature. These data were obtained in 2014 during the study on a sample of 1,000 patients and mean that pain is not associated with protrusion of intervertebral disks, hernias of the lumbar spine or some other serious problems.

For people who have “picked up” his back after an awkward movement, unusual exertion or training in the gym do these findings mean good news, as treatment becomes simpler. In the vast majority of cases do not need bed rest, intramuscular or intravenous injection, physiotherapy, there are no significant limitations moderate exercise. Almost no mandatory visits to the neurologist and being sick. Moreover, few modern office workers can afford to stay home sick for weeks.

Prejudice was of the opinion that the risk of exercise exceeds their favor, that when the pain need a good long rest and should avoid the slightest discomfort in normal physical activity, such as walking.

How to use this information in everyday life and what to do if suddenly there was a pain in the back?

In the acute phase, when pain syndrome is very pronounced, doctors and patients are unanimous — you need adequate pain relief. This will help non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). This is the first line of medications used for back pain, according to both international and Russian recommendations. NSAIDs block the enzyme cyclooxygenase and thereby inactivate prostaglandins, which, in turn, act as mediators and regulators of inflammation and pain.

Today there are 8 groups of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which differ in the strength of anti-inflammatory action and effect of anesthesia. It indoloquinone derivatives, phenylacetic, propionic acids, the salicylates, oxicam, pyrazolidine and alkenone.

After stihaniya pain syndrome it is time for a real lifestyle change. It is difficult to even think about therapy in the form of regular exercise. But to begin to do. Because the strengthening of back muscles through yoga, swimming, therapeutic physical training, though strenuous, but gives a lasting effect and protects from repeated episodes of muscle pain.