Back to school 2022: 10 dance, magic and variety shows to see

Cultural season 2022: 10 dance, magic and variety shows to see


Rock of Ages

  • Théâtre St-Denis  
  • October 27 to November 6 

Applauded across the planet from over 15 years, the musical Rock of Agesnow takes on a local accent. The American work has been entirely revised and translated by Olivier Berthiaume and directed by Joël Legendre, but its essence remains the same: a good dose of nostalgia, taking viewers to the heart of the 1980s to relive the good years of Bon Jovi , Pat Benatar, Whitesnake and other Foreigners. 

Lunous Zucchini plays a naive young woman arriving in Hollywood in the hope of making her star shine there. However, she will discover a much less gleaming reality when she lands a job in a bar frequented by a fallen rock star (Rémi Chassé).  

Truths< /strong>

  • Brossard National Bank Star
  • < strong>Tonight and tomorrow

After being confined to the web due to the pandemic, Luc Langevin is finally back on stage to present his third show. The illusionist will take advantage of this new tour to have fun exploring – and blurring – the line between truth and lies, between the real and the unreal. The tour continues until 2023.


  • < em>Grand Théâtre de Québec 
  • Tonight 

Janie and Marcio – winning duo of the second season of Revolution – criss-cross Quebec with their very first show, Syntonie. The concept ? The dancers offer six paintings, all linked together, representing the normal course of a day. To see in a room near you in the coming months.

My island, my heart

  • Espace St-Denis
  • Until September 24

The company The 7 fingers of the main has turned around the world, his love for Montreal continues to prevail. Its dancers prove it once again today with Mon île, mon cœur, a love letter to the metropolis combining the world of the circus with that of musical comedy. 


  • Salle Pauline-Julien
  • November 17

The directories of Félix Leclerc, Richard Desjardins, Elisapie and other Dominique Fils-Aimé will serve as driving force behind the show Perles, a journey through time and words bringing together some fifteen artists, including Alexandre Carlos (Revolution) and Roxane Fillion (Live of the universe). The tour will then criss-cross the province for several months. 


  • La TOHU
  • November 3 to 12

Warmly applauded by the Scottish public this summer, Flip Fabrique's brand new creation is finally arriving in Montreal this fall. Having fun defying genre conventions, the show Muse will feature seven acrobats faced with a choice: put on a football uniform… or ballet clothes. 

The Gallery

  • Desjardins Cultural Center 
  • September 30

To hell with conventions. Circus machine rewrites its own rules with La galerie. Seven acrobats will bring color to a monochrome background with dizzying feats and electric rhythms. Once the tour has started, she will travel across the province for several weeks. 

The Garden of Earthly Delights

  • Factory C< /li>
  • November 17 to 25

Marie Chouinard opens the door here to the Jardin des délices, first imaged by the Dutch painter Jérôme Bosch, to set up his new creation in three acts. The famous choreographer and her troupe of dancers will thus bring to life one of the most admired paintings on the planet. 


  • Odyssey Room 
  • Tonight 

Master of hypnosis and magnetism, Messmer now sets his sights on our five senses, using his own abilities as much than technology and virtual reality to unlock the full power of the subconscious. Quebecers have until November 11 to see her Hypersensory tour before she leaves for Europe.


  • The Diamond
  • 3 au November 5

Star dancer and associate choreographer of the prestigious National Ballet of Canada, Guillaume Côté returns home with his brand new creation, Crypto. Contemporary ballet draws on modern technology to present an innovative and unique fable, which was already warmly applauded in Montreal earlier this summer.