Back to school postponed at Neufchâtel secondary school due to a scheduling problem

Back to school postponed at Neufchâs secondary school such because of a scheduling problem


The leaders of the Neufchâtel secondary school had to delay the start of the school year for 1,850 students because the timetable could not be completed in time for Monday.

This situation was caused by the departure of an employee who had to quit his job at the end of July due to major health problems. 

The director general of the Center de services scolaire de la Capitale, Pierre Lapointe, explains that the master timetable is a 50,000-piece puzzle that is a key element in the organization of a school. 

“Out of respect for everyone world and to [have] a successful and harmonious return to school, we decided to postpone for two days,” he says.

Even though the school organization technician was replaced and other employees were called in during the day, evening and even on weekends, the schedule could not have been completed by August 29. 

Until last night, the school leaders thought they were going to finish in time for the start of the school year, but this morning the decision was made.

“Strength is to realize that we are not capable of achieving it. We cannot bring in students with incomplete schedules,” says Mr. Lapointe.

At the last minute

In most establishments in Quebec, the master timetable is not entirely established until a few days before the arrival of the students. 

The end-of-year results, the summer courses at follow, retakes of exams and late registrations force school administrators to do a blitz during the summer to develop the work tool for students and teachers.

“We n have no choice but to conclude this at the last minute,” says the manager.

Letter to parents

The management of the Neufchâtel secondary school sent a letter by email to the parents to inform them of the changes for the start of the school year. The information was also published on social networks. 

To alleviate the situation out of control, the pedagogical days of April 21 and May 5 will be converted into class days. 

“We reassured the parents. These are not wasted hours,” confirms the Director General of the School Services Centre. 

The school has also indicated that 1st level students will be entitled to their welcome day, as every year. This activity aims to secure them when they enter high school.

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