Backup power: in Mariupol launched the program of preparation of a personnel reserve

In the absence of a quality education in the field of public administration in Mariupol has launched its own program of preparation of a personnel reserve.


The existing education in Ukraine in the sphere of the public sector is not in line with modern trends and challenges. To improve the quality of life, cities need not only investment, but also professionals with a high level of knowledge, competencies and motivation. The shortage of such managers is huge, however, the proposed universities of the country educational programs are unable to meet it fully.

With this problem faced by municipalities in many cities of Ukraine, but beyond all in the solution advanced in Mariupol, where for the second year programme Master of Public Administration (MPA), aimed at training competent leaders in the field of municipal management.

To build the city of the future

The initiator was the municipality of Mariupol, and the basis is accredited MPA program, augmented in compliance with the requirements and tasks of Ukrainian cities. Training methodology developed in the municipality, and the partner became the training center “Epoch of international development”, which was selected for the program coaches, among which are recognized the Ukrainian coaches in the field of Economics and management Andrey Dligach, Michael Kuhar, Olga Gablik, Sergey Potapov and others.

The training is conducted on the basis of Donetsk state University of management, and upon graduation students receive a state diploma. The program lasts for two years and, except for Mariupol, covers four cities in Eastern Ukraine: Zaporozhye, Krivoy Rog, Avdeyevka and Pokrovsk. The selection of cities was carried out according to several criteria. First, the cities-signatories of the Memorandum on sustainable development and green cities, which plan to accede to the agreement.

The modern city — competent managers

The goal of the program is to build attractive and dynamic cities in the Eastern region of Ukraine through the development of managers ‘ competences of municipalities. This will improve the quality of life in cities and to stop the outflow from the region of the progressive youth that came in municipal management is the driver of development.

Резервное питание: в Мариуполе запустили программу подготовки кадрового резерва

The MPA program provides an opportunity not only to gain knowledge in the field of municipal management, but also develops leadership skills. In fact, it is the establishment of an effective personnel reserve for municipalities. The graduates will get competence for effective management of urban projects in all directions.

The topics of the projects that are being developed and will be implemented within the MPA, based on the real needs of communities and customers are the mayors of the cities participating in the program. The training will allow you to obtain and increase competency in all areas of municipal management, from individual leadership and legal foundations of municipal management to marketing and branding of cities.

In partnership with the business

The implementation of such a vast programme requires considerable funding. To allocate the funds from the city budget it is almost impossible, so the municipality of Mariupol appealed to international donors and large Ukrainian businesses.

In the end, the project received the support of the mining and metallurgical holding “Metinvest” for the cities of the company presence of Mariupol, Zaporozhye, Krivoy Rog, Avdeyevka and Pokrovsk. The program fits in perfectly with the corporate social responsibility strategy of the holding is interested in the development of cities and, accordingly, in the preparation of effective managers for their municipalities.

The best of the best

To participate in the program selected 30 young leaders from among those involved in cross-functional decision-making and is able to move from a tactical to a strategic role in the management of municipal projects. Mandatory condition — the presence of leadership qualities, management skills and successful projects in the municipal sphere.

For each city the selected high priority areas. In Mariupol (12) it’s the economy, investment, transport development, personnel management, Zaporozhye (8 persons), Finance and budgeting, risk management, utility services, architecture and urban planning, in Kryvyi Rih (7 people) — landscaping and infrastructure development, and in Avdiivka (2) and Pokrovsk (1 person) — social and regional development and corporate communications respectively.

A look into the future

After the first year of the program 20% of students leaders received new assignments with extension responsibilities. In the municipality of Mariupol expect that by the end of training to increase will take 90% of the students.

Резервное питание: в Мариуполе запустили программу подготовки кадрового резерва

Fall kicks off the second set of students, and the selection will be conducted in an interactive form with the help of a specially designed one and a half hour video game where the contender tries to assume the role of mayor, which is necessary to solve the problems the city challenge. Evaluation is conducted based on the model of referential competence.

And those who have now moved on to the second year, after completion in 2021 is waiting for training in the cities of Europe that will familiarize you with real case studies of effective municipal management. City for training were selected by the presence of the best practices that are developing and plan to implement the participants of the MPA. Among them, for example, sustainable green development where it is best established France and the Netherlands. Discussions are underway with the municipalities of the cities of these countries, and to Fund internships filed an application for a grant from USAID. Also planned internship in the cities of Europe together with the Ukrainian leadership Academy: she was supposed to start in April 2020, but postponed due to COVID-19 and quarantine.

Fields of study in the MPA program, implemented by the municipality of Mariupol:

Резервное питание: в Мариуполе запустили программу подготовки кадрового резерва

In addition, in Mariupol consider the possibility of taking the program to the national level. Already begun talks with the mayors of other cities, and to launch a nationwide MPA would need to extend the net of universities and to attract more large-scale funding that can help international donors and large Ukrainian business.