Bacteria on kitchen sponges – this is normal

Scientist-microbiologist Ilya sericin believes the recent draw attention to the problem of dirty kitchen sponges are unnecessary. Of course, the need to observe hygiene has not been canceled, but the danger of having a large number of bacteria on them too exaggerated.

Бактерии на кухонных губках – это нормально

About the problem of dirty kitchen sponges recently said. Experts have found that used for washing dishes, kitchen sponge that is so popular, they often do not differ purity. According to them, these lips because of the large number of microbes in them can be in the hundreds of thousands of times dirtier than practically any other thing or place in the house.

As noted by scientist, microbiologist Ilya sericin to the problem of dirty sponges must not be taken too seriously. Yes, the sponges you can find a huge number of bacteria, because there are created ideal conditions for the habitat. Constant high moisture and food residues, even negligible, contribute to the development of microorganisms. And means for washing such bacteria are not destroyed, simply because they do not contain the necessary components.

But to get from these sponges are all fairly difficult and probably depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.
However, this does not mean that sponges can not be changed at all. You just need to comply with reasonable regularity and to prevent the formation on them exorbitant number of bacteria. Of course, a lot depends on usage, but generally change them once a week will be sufficient.

Also to minimize the risk of infections specialist advised to follow the ordinary rules of hygiene, in particular, to wash hands after street and before eating.