Bad habits and the hermit: How did the lives of Matthew Perry after “Friends”

Screen Chandler Bing Matthew Perry August 19, celebrates its 50th anniversary. The most famous actor brought the role in the TV series “Friends”, on which he spent 10 years of his life, but his fate after the end of the project ambiguous.

Вредные привычки и отшельничество: Как сложилась жизнь Мэттью Перри после "Друзей"

Matthew Perry decided to become an actor after a dispute with his father, who did not believe that his son can survive on the royalties from this work. First he was given only a cameo role, and in 1994 was invited to appear in the TV series “Friends”, which lasted until 2004 and which brought him fame. In parallel, the star screens have participated in the full-length projects, and although the first attempt was not very successful, film “Almost heroes”, “Threesome tango” and “the whole Nine yards” found a response in the viewer. It seemed that Perry had all the prerequisites for consolidation in Hollywood, but gradually its popularity began to decline.

Not the last role in this played the bad habits of an actor’s craving for alcohol, as well as the media wrote about based on celebrities from illegal drugs. To get rid of them he couldn’t even while working on “Friends”, although the set was trying to stay sober.

A loose way of life was reflected in the appearance of the stars. 2017 Matthew Perry rarely come on the people, and almost never filmed, and to return to society was only in 2019. The aged and disheveled look of the idol has disappointed fans, also he still not found someone willing to connect his life.

Вредные привычки и отшельничество: Как сложилась жизнь Мэттью Перри после "Друзей"