Bad news for the city: real Madrid ready to pay for Donnarumma 50 million euros

Неприятные новости для Лунина: "Реал" готов заплатить за Доннарумму 50 млн евро

Gianluigi Donnarumma

Goalkeeper Milan Gianluigi Donnarumma at the end of the season can go to real Madrid, according to

The “Royal club” is willing to pay for 21-year-old Italian 50 million euros.

Donnarumma not want to renew his contract with Milan, and in June 2021 he can become a free agent.

In season 2019/20 Gianluigi has played for AC Milan 26 games (10 – “zero”) and conceded 33 goals.

Recall that for real Madrid is the goalkeeper of the national team of Ukraine Andrey Lunin, who rights a half-yearly rent plays for “Oviedo”.

In this scenario, the Ukrainians will again have to wander in the leases, if we remember that the first number in the “Real world” is the Belgian Thibaut Courtois.