Bad news is coming from the Bogumiła Wander family. These are very difficult times for everyone

Alzheimer's disease is an insidious and dark companion in life …

 Unpleasant news is coming from Bogumiła Wander's family. These are very difficult times for everyone

Bogumiła Wander and her brother Włodzimierz Wander were in childhood and later very harmonious and close-knit siblings. They both made televised careers, but in completely different fields.

It was our brother who told us Bogumiła Wander to test her strength as a TV presenter

Thanks to her brother, Bogumiła entered the competition, which resulted in several decades of work in front of the Polish Television cameras as a presenter and announcer. Włodzimierz Wander, on the other hand, gained fame by promoting rock-end-roll bigbit, although he started out as a jazz musician.

After leaving Poland, the musician began to act as the owner of the Cardinal Club music club, which was considered the best in Chicago. He came to the country very rarely, but when he arrived in Poland, he immediately visited his sister.

Before Bogumiła Wander developed the same disease as her brother, she remembered him beautifully in one of the interviews & oacute; w – In childhood and adolescence, we were very close. Thanks to him, I met a lot of wonderful people, because he took me with him to festivals, to Opole, to concerts. It was he who told me to send my photo to TV for the presenter contest – the TVP star revealed with nostalgia.

The announcer did not manage to say goodbye to her brother. She had the same disease

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Unfortunately, Włodzimierz Wander was stuck in the United States, trapped in his own world by Alzheimer's disease, which made him spend the last moments of his life feeling alienated and lonely. He didn't even recognize his own daughter.

The musician's sister wanted to go to him to say goodbye to him, knowing that his days were numbered, but she herself fell ill with the same thing. Until now, she has problems with memory, she is under constant specialist care, but it is assumed, according to Pomponik's reports, that the star has no idea that her beloved brother died in autumn 2020.

The last time they saw each other in 2009 year, when he appeared in Poland on the occasion of the jubilee concert of Polans in Gdańsk.