Bad teeth or a beautiful smile: 6 myths about veneers

The owners of a Hollywood smile from nature — a rarity. So she was admired, some have resorted to the installation of veneers. Around this word lies a lot of rumors and myths. Veneers opponents argue that it is extremely dangerous to the health of the oral cavity dental services.

Испорченные зубы или красивая улыбка: 6 мифов о винирах

In this article we will dispel common myths about veneers.

Myth 1: veneers completely destroy the teeth

Before installation of the veneers with the teeth perform the same manipulations with the installation of all-ceramic crowns. Their grind, check for absence of caries. Of plaque and the effects of lactic acid in the future, will protect airtight lining that also keeps the teeth bacteria.

Myth 2: because veneers bad breath

Breath — a consequence of food debris between the teeth. Plates fit very tightly, which will not allow food to get inside. If there is odor is the issue how the patient complies with personal hygiene.

Myth 3: veneers — this is awkward

Of course, some discomfort the person is feeling. But if the dentist did everything correctly, it should disappear in a couple days. The cause often becomes the cement which emerges between the teeth. Once removed, everything will be fine.

Myth 4: veneers can be put instead of the teeth

If you are missing teeth, the only way crown. Veneers can’t replace the tooth, it is only the plate that is installed on your teeth.

Myth 5: veneers are quick to set up

It’s not false teeth. It is painstaking work that requires time and effort. To think that to install veneers, you can one day, it would be naive. After all, this requires the identification of problems, treatment of caries, izgotovlenie layout of future teeth. If the doctor promises to do everything in a day, you should Think about his professionalism.

Myth 6: veneers are for life

No. In any case don’t think like that. Proper care will prolong the life of veneers for many years. But the length of their socks depends on a number of factors, including the professionalism of the dentist. So deliberately and carefully choose a specialist for veneers, as this depends on the health of their teeth.