Bad weather — expect joint pain

When someone tells you that he feels worse in bad weather, he may well be right in their cause-effect relationships. This is especially true of joint pain. Scientists from the University of Manchester published the results of a new study that reveals a link between chronic pain and rainy, windy days with low atmospheric pressure.

Плохая погода — жди болей в суставах

The results of the study

The study involved over 13 000 people, who daily participated in the experiment for 6 months.

Participants were predominantly people with arthritis, although some had other chronic pain associated with fibromyalgia, migraine or neuropathy.

Scientists collected data using the smartphone app, developed specifically for the study. Each participant used the app every day to report their pain levels while the application recorded the weather in their area using your phone’s GPS.

In the end, it turned out that the weather can worsen the pain if it is turbulent: the most painful days for participants was wet, windy and cold.

The value of the survey

The researchers suggest that the results may lead to the fact that meteorologists will make forecasts of pain along with forecasts of air quality, which can help people with chronic pain “to plan their activities, performing more complex tasks in the days that will have a lower level of pain.”