[BALADO] “The Paying Zone” in Washington: the fabulous destiny of Benjamin St-Juste

[PODCAST] “The Paid Zone” in Washington: The Fabulous Destiny of Benjamin St -Just


Quebecers in the NFL are a rare commodity this season. Washington Commanders cornerback Benjamin St-Juste is the only starter from home on the big circuit. The Paid Zone went to meet him to talk about his journey and his ambitions.

St-Juste has been getting a lot of playing time in recent weeks, having studied in Quebec with the Wolves of the Curé Antoine-Labelle school and the Spartans of the Cégep du Vieux Montréal. He then went on to Michigan and Minnesota in the NCAA before being selected in the third round of the NFL Draft last year.

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Assigned to cover the NFL for Le Journal de Québec and Le Journal de Montréal >, Stéphane Cadorette arrives this week in Washington to meet St-Juste and attend Sunday's game against the Vikings.

In the meantime, he joins his co-host of La Zonepaye,Jean-Nicolas Gagné, to talk with Cherif Nicolas, who led the cornerback in Old Montreal from 2014 to 2016. The one who is currently at the head of the Bishop's Gaiters, on the university scene, confides in his experience and on all the emotion that seizes him when he sees the player in the NFL today.

Another Quebecer found a job this week. Antony Auclair has indeed been hired by the Tennessee Titans and La Zone is examining his case, wondering if his integration into his new team is optimal.

This new episode is of course an opportunity to review the main movements that occurred at the trade deadline of Tuesday, November 1. Don't miss it!

Listeners are also a big part of the podcast, as we answer their questions.

In addition to the ninth week predictions, we invite you to join our infrequent guests “Au Bar!” Enjoy listening and spreading the word!

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