‘Balance’: US will in addition give 35 thousand work visas

The administration of U.S. President Donald trump announced the issuance of an additional 35 000 temporary work visas in 2020. This was stated by the Department of homeland security (DHS), writes CNN.

'Для установления баланса': США дополнительно выдадут 35 тысяч рабочих виз

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Visa, formally known as H-2B visa allows employers to bring foreign workers to the United States for temporary nonagricultural jobs, such as landscaping, hospitality and other industries.

In a statement, DHS said Thursday that “additional allocation was determined after extensive consultation with stakeholders, including with members of Congress and the Department of labor,” adding that it “intended to establish a careful balance that benefits American businesses and American workers”.

Congress establishes a limit on the number of allowed visas for the fiscal year. Currently, this number is 66 000 visas. In the past the business community, along with legislators, advocated the visa program to meet the demand for seasonal jobs.

But supporters of immigration reduction say that these visas to reduce wages and prevent American workers to get the job done.

According to DHS, no additional visas will be issued in two waves — 20 000 from 1 April, and 15 000 from 15 may.

This year will also be an additional 10,000 visas for citizens of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, to help stop the flow of immigrants to the U.S. border and Mexico. Three countries have concluded agreements with the United States to reduce the number of asylum seekers arriving on the U.S. border and Mexico.

DHS is not the first time provides more visas. In may 2019, the administration trump provided an additional 30,000 seasonal work visas.



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