Bale Vdovina letti together with real Madrid from Manchester for the match Play League journal

Бейл відмовився летіти разом з "Реалом" у Манчестер на матч Ліги чемпіонів

Gareth bale I Snadn Scan

Today in Manchester budesa match-answer 1/8 finalu Play League journal mizh “Manchester Siti” and “real”.

On predmatchevoj presskonferens mentor real Snedu Sdano put 5 pitani about Gareth bale, Yogo of progress and prospects in “Korolivska club”, and also vastly have Manchester.

“Schodo bale bagato chogo saying Hello to us horas vancini. He volv not play. TSE rozmowa mizh him I me I all salesas in roadagain”, – situ Sdana AS.

“I don’t know, scho bude to maibutnyogo, ale occurs good match mizh Eyad duzhe good teams, and TSE is the most important thing. Mi in curs situat after pershoho match (1:2). TSE Yak Vier fnally, if you want to go to CNCA. Mi in navigando stanovish, and mi TSE znamo. Igri play-off not zakonchatsya to ostannia guilini, hocemo Shruti have final eight” – zaznaev Francuski fahiz.

Dadamo scho for parmacy spanskih ZMI, bale not PrimeTV to Manchester, Oskolki knowing scho on the field not wide.